The World’s Smallest Body Builder

Have you ever heard of Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev?  He’s really tiny and is also amazingly strong for his size.  At first you would think he’s just a child but he really is a fully grown adult.  My only problem is that the people in general still feel they need their freak show.  It’s not politically correct to go to freak shows any more so we have to package it all up as something different.  There are loads of TV shows these days featuring people with all sorts of differences whether it’s because they are really small, tall, fat or have a skin condition.  There was this guy on TV who had a skin condition that made him look like he was turning into a tree and he had to attend freak shows in order to earn a living in his native home land. I think he was from somewhere in Asia.

Although I think it’s great to educate ourselves about people, I still can’t help but feel we teat them like freaks.  Look at some of the comments I saw on YouTube about Aditya Dev.  Please have a little respect!

  • is this fuckin real?
  • hahahahahaha funny little guyy thtas the size of my dick

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There’s More To Exercise Than Getting Physical

I think that a lot of people forget that exercising isn’t just all about running around or lifting weights.  We also need to exercise our spiritual thoughts.  I don’t necessarily mean in a religious way either.  What I mean is simply to relax and let go of negative energies.  We are surrounded by so much negativity I think we need to learn how to escape from it now and again.  Some people take up yoga and meditation whilst others emerge themselves in music.  However here are some other ways you might want to exercise your spiritual side.

Learn How to Play an Instrument – There are all sorts of musical instruments you can play and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are.  Even if you have never considered yourself to be very musical you can still give it a go.  However it’s important to note that it’s not always easy to learn by yourself which is why it’s a good idea to get a private tutor.  There are many places you can find details of tutors such as The Registry of Guitar Tutors.

Bonsai Growing – Basically you plant a tree in a pot which means the growth is stunted and you end up with miniature trees.  There are all sorts of trees that you can grow in a pot including pine, azalea and jade.  A lot of care, patience and time is required to grow these successfully but if you want more info you can find it at Bonsai Tree Care.

Bird Watching – You don’t have to be a “twitcher” to get enjoyment out of watching birds.  There are some people who are pretty obsessed with the subject and will travel for miles to see rare birds.  But you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.  Simply put out some bird feeders and watch various garden birds pay a visit to your garden.  The only problem is dealing with squirrels which is something that Twirl a Squirrel is supposed to deal with.  That reminds me, I really need to get myself one of those.

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Water in Moderation

We keep being told how wonderful water is and how amazing it is for our bodies.  There are so many health benefits associated with drinking water such as cleaning out the liver, improving the quality of your skin and also apparently it can help you lose weight because of water retention.

I remember seeing on some TV show about health that this scientist guy came up with the idea that our bodies need 2 litres of water per day.  However this has now meant we’re being told we need to drink 2 litres of water per day.  This doesn’t actually have to be the case.  If you eat fruit and veg and such like you’ll be getting quite a lot of water too.  I don’t know how much we’re therefore supposed to drink but it seems that we don’t really need as much as we’re led to beleive.  So if you’ve not been able to make the 2 litres per day don’t worry too much.  Of course, that doesn’t mean to say you should be drinking lots of cola and coffee either.

The reason I brought this subject up is because I just saw the tail end of some Tv show where they were talking about someone dying from drinking too much water.  Apparently it puts too much pressure on the brain.  After a bit more research I have come up with this article about a guy who died form drinking too much water during the London Marathon.  The condition is called hyponatraemia.

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Exercise Outdoors Too

Should all exercise be done in the gym?  It’s all very well to be in a fitness gym but sometimes it’s good to get out and get some fresh air into the lungs.  Of course, this isn’t always easy for those in the city, but if you have a day off you could easily go for a walk in a forest or up a hill.  It’s also very relaxing which is somthign that’s so important in today’s stressful living filled with telephones and computers.  Get away from it all for a few hourse at least.

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How to Make Exercising Less Boring

Many people find that the problem with exercising is that it’s boring.  There is often very little variety and our brains can go numb.  Some people try to over come this by listening to their ipods whilst other people watch TV.  However one thing that is becoming very popular is the use of a Nintendo Wii.  There is something called a Nintedo Wii fitboard that allows you to stand on it and also play console games.  It’s all very strange but has taken on popularity on a massive scale.

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Hospitals Are Being Used More Because of Lack of Exercise

It used to be that the sort of jobs people had made them healthy.  It was just the way it was.  We don’t live that way any more and it shows.  Hospitals are under so much strain now and it didn’t used to be that way.  There are people now who eat so much and do no exercise at all and the result is that they are so fat that they can’t even get up off their bed.  In order to get to hospital they have to be lifted out by machinery via their window.

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Do People Actually Use The Gym?

With so many fitness gyms around nowadays, why are there so many obsese people?  It seems that there are two major divides when it comes to health and fitness.  Some people are fitness fanatics who spend all their spare time working on elliptical trainers, rowing machines and weight machines.  But them you have other people who do none of these things.  They hardly even walk anywhere.  Instead they drive in their cars, take the elevator to their office floor, sit in front of a computer all day and then go home.

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